Consumable Products

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Our product will only be delivered in the Chicago Metropolitan Area with no additional fee. 

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Eco-Logo Multi Fold, Mains. 9.12x9.5 Unit: 16-250/CS White

Eco-Logo White C-Fold 13x10 .125 Unit: 2400/200/12

Center Pull Towel Units: 6/600 Case

2ply Regular Toilet Tissue Units: 500/96 Case

2ply jrt jr. 9" Toilet Tissue Units: 12 Case

Bleach Units: 6/1 gal

24oz Cotton Mop Units: 1 Each

Latex Powder Free Gloves Units: 100/Box 10/Case

Gritty Foam Cleanser 3.25L Units: 2/Case

9" Toilet Dispenser Plastic Units: 1 Each

9" Double Roll Toilet Dispenser Plastic Units: 1 Each

Center Pull Towel Dispenser Units: 1 Each

Wiping Cloth Units: 25/per Case

Cut Polo Wipers Units: 25per/Case

White Fleece Rags Units: 25lb per/Case

Cut White Flannel Wipers Units: 25per/Case

White Terry Washcloth Units: 25 per/Case

Black Nitrile Gloves, Powder Free Units: 100/Box 10/Case

3M Scrub Pad Units: 3/pk 20/Case

MED. Duty Green Thin Scrub Pads Units: 20/Case

Windex Units: 5gal. Bag in Box PL

Windex Units: 4gal./Case

Spitfire Power Cleanser Units: 12/Case

Heavy Duty Lobby Dust Pan Units: 1 Each

Maxi Rough Lobby Broom 30" Units: 1 Each

Instazorb Semi-LIQ. Absorb Units: Bag/12lbs

Black Trash Can Liner 38x58 Units: 100/Case

Clear Trash Can Liner 38x58 Units: 200/Case

Small Black Trash Can Liner 34x33 Units: 1000/Case

Small Clear Trash Can Liner 24x24 Units: 1000/Case

Hand Towels Units: 9/100 Case

Toilet Tissue Jumbo Mini 2Ply. Units: 12/750'/Case